The Most Ironic Indicator of Web Success

David Hamilton Quick Tips

Junk mail. Yep, you heard me right.  If your inbox is filled with requests from Nigerian princesses and offers for cheap Viagra, your website is probably doing it’s job.

You see, unless you’ve entered your email address on a large number of phishing sites, the number one way that your address gets out to the scammers and the junk mail artists is by finding your address online. As my own web site climbed in Google page rank, the amount of spam that I receive per day jumped from around 12, to over 100.  Not only that but Blue Ox Millworks, my most successful site, gets over 500 junk mail per day caught in their spam filter.

How do I know it’s true? I’ve tested it.

Sometimes when creating a website I build an email address just to receive results from an online form. These addresses aren’t used on any other sites and are only posted on one page. All mail from these addresses are forwarded to another account. The fun fact? The higher the page rank of the site that they are posted on, the more spam gets forwarded my way.

So next time you get the email from the hopeful Russian bride who wants to send you photos, smile and thank your webmaster.