Instant Gratification for Your Website

kelsey Quick Tips

Let’s be honest here – most marketing campaigns don’t get you results overnight. They’re long-term investments in the success of your business. Right now, however? It’s July. It’s warm and sunny (although today’s foggy morning is a notable exception). You have better things to do than plan a six-month sales campaign for the holidays, not that that isn’t an admirable …

Your Accidental Brand Identity

David Hamilton Branding

Marketing is Life. Yeah, I’m a marketing guru so you’d expect me to think it’s pretty important. But marketing isn’t some neat feature that you’ll need some day so your business can “go big.” It’s an overarching storyline that invades every single part of human interactions. Who did you have a crush on in high school? What did you like …

The 2nd Annual Haunted Mill Tour Is Coming

David Hamilton Behind the Scenes

Once again,  David Hamilton Design is proud to be a sponsor of the Blue Ox Haunted Mill Tour.  Last year’s event was fabulous, with crowds of around 2,500 people over the course of the four day event.  This year we’re adding three more days, extended hours, and online sales.  As usual the fantastic photographs are courtesy of Evan Wish Photography …

David Hamilton Design Gears Up For Political Season

David Hamilton Behind the Scenes

It’s November in Humboldt County. The leaves are turning color, car defrosters are suddenly a very popular feature, and political figures are raising money for next year’s election.  For a graphic designer that means political logos, yard signs, business cards and websites. I recently finished up this logo and website for District Attorney candidate, Arnie Klein, a former deputy district …

How To Be A Dream Client (And Get A Better Finished Product)

David Hamilton Quick Tips

My girlfriend loves the website .  At least three nights a week as I’m curled up in bed ready to go to sleep, I see the glow of her smartphone screen and hear her starting to giggle about some poor unfortunate designer whose client thinks you clean your computer cache using Windex. I can’t laugh very hard because I’ve had …

Why You Should Spring for a Good Photographer: Part II

David Hamilton Marketing How-To

Branding is about imagery, and the job of the best websites is to deliver that imagery to the consumer in the most user-friendly and smooth manner that they can.  It’s very rare that someone talks about their favorite restaurant and says “I just love how the flash buttons on the home page load.”  What sticks in the customer’s mind are …

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