Brochures, Business Cards & Print Materials

From business cards and event fliers to custom signage and menus, David Hamilton Design is the face of your business. Whether you are looking for a long term marketing solution or a one-off design project, contact our team to arrange a quote for your business needs. Use one of our preferred print shops or select one of your own. And of course, we’ll send your design to you in all relevant file formats.

Business Cards

Your business cards are more than just your name and contact information. They are frontline warriors in the battle for brand identity. Make sure they’re well equipped to make the right impression. Should your business cards be glossy or matte? Oversized or undersized? Do you want rounded corners? Letterpress? We’ll help to make sure that your card really expresses your identity.

Posters & Fliers

Spread the word for your upcoming event or product with eye-catching poster design. We can help you to capture stunning photographs or build your poster with an enormous library of stock photography options. Need something more custom? Get original artwork or vector graphics from one of our staff artists. Special deals available for non-profit organizations.


We believe in building brochures that match the personality of your organization. Do you need a single open gate fold? A double parallel reverse? A classic accordion? What are the pros and cons of each? We’ll help walk you through the world of marketing choices to get an eye-catching design that meets the needs of your business.

Banners & Signage

In our commercially saturated world, clean concise branding and visibility can make the difference between a successful business and a building for lease sign. Whether you need vinyl banners, custom indoor and outdoor signage, billboards or sandwich boards, David Hamilton Design can walk you through your options and create the graphics for you.

Print Ads

When it comes to print media, you only have a few seconds to catch your audience's attention. Let us help. We have over a decade's experience at creating clear concise print ads for a variety of print media, including newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and event programs.

Garments & Screenprinting

Need clean, crisp, eye-catching vector graphics for your garments or other screenprinting needs? We can provide them, often cheaper than the art department of your local print shop. We can also provide full color-range bitmaps for direct-to-garment print jobs.

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