Mauna Loa Helicopters - Hawaii


"We could not be more happy with the quality of our website.  The professional layout Dave has done really holds us apart as one of the top companies in our field.  Our prospective and current customers comment  to us regularly about our stunning website.

"We used to spend a lot of money each month to be ranked highly on search engines, Dave keeps us in the top listings better and for a fraction of the cost.  Since the vast majority of our customers are from out of the area and find us on line, it is imperative to our business that we are ranked in the top listings on search engines and that our site is professional and hard hitting.  We feel Dave accomplishes this better than any designer we have worked with."

~ Ben Fouts, Owner


Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce


"David, it was a no-brainer choosing your firm after we compared your own website to other web design sites – yours was what we wanted! Silk smooth interface, aesthetically appealing, with the bright and clear feel we wanted–

"Our new site is up and we get compliment after compliment. It’s all we wanted and more. You’ve taught and encouraged us to independently manage and moderate the site by ourselves, and you’re still 100% available when we need you. Thanks, David. We can’t recommend you enough!"

~ Diana Lynn, Chamber Member

Blue Ox Millworks


Many times we hear from our clients that they have spent more than an hour looking over our web site. These are the clients that end up being some of the largest jobs we have ever done! I wanted to let you know what an impact your site has had on our business. We went from thinking that a $5,000 job was a big job, to working with contracts of over $100,000.

“You are a rare combination of many talents: you are knowledgeable about the technical stuff, but you also have an artistic eye for lay-out and design, AND you are fabulous with the written word! I have always enjoyed the humorous touches you have put on the site!

“Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you for years to come.”

~ Viviana Hollenbeck, Co-Owner

View Crest Lodge


“We recently decided to completely overhaul our business website. After researching firms and individuals in our area, we quickly found that David was very reasonably priced with a great portfolio of work. We met with him and were easily reassured that we had made an excellent choice.

“David was incredibly easy to work with. He told us exactly what he needed from us and what we could expect. It was an easy, stress-free process. There were no hold-ups, delays, problems…everything went seamlessly.

“The end result is a website we are incredibly proud of. David took our ideas and brought them to life exactly as we had hoped. He also continues to be incredibly easy to communicate with, which is of utmost importance. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

~ Brady & Jennifer Burtchett, Owners

Humboldt Fire

“I’m ecstatic about the work David & his team did for Humboldt Fire!  He cared about my business from day one.  He cared about the message & image of my company and went to great lengths to insure those were represented on the website. 

“David is lacking no part of the package you’d expect (but rarely get) from a web designer; exceptional graphic design ability, superior knowledge of website functionality, timely response to questions and inquiries & the highly appreciated skill of speaking his computer jargon in layman’s terms.  Best of all: His prices do not reflect his talent; I feel blessed he doesn’t charge the high rates he is worthy of! I’m certain you cannot beat David Hamiliton Design in Northern California & I’d be impressed to find someone better in all of the west!  His service is above & beyond.”

~ Brandi Winch, Owner

City Ambulance


“We initially designed our website using a ‘do it yourself’ software program. After working with David, we quickly learned how much of a difference a professional presentation can make. David is easy to work with, has a fantastic artistic eye, and is reasonably priced. I recommend him regularly to other businesses.”

~ Jaison Chand

F8 Business Solutions


"We found David Hamilton Design, based on our search for a local website developer. Dave patiently worked with us, although we were novices, and offered us advice, guidance and support on effectively marketing our new company on the internet. He kept us on-course throughout the project, and on budget and on time. Dave has continuously helped us maintain and improve it. We are very proud of his site that he built for our company—something we could never have achieved without his unparalleled design and support services."

~ Richard Cave, Owner

Dragonfly Diva Jewelry

“I wouldn’t have worked with anyone except Dave on my website. I had vague images in my head and lots of specific opinions. He took it all and worked it up into a masterpiece. His natural intuition and creative eye are extremely beneficial to the process. He is exceedingly patient, and will not stop until he has a design you love.

“The continued support from Dave and his team are one of the biggest selling points for me. His vast understanding of all things ‘web’ has saved me numerous times as he guides me fairly blindly through running a web-based store, social media, advertising etc.

“Dave and his team offer not only top of the line web design, search engine optimization, and social media management, but also continued support and all of your web advertising needs. Add to this the best customer service you can imagine and well you start to get the idea.

“If you are a large company you will be pleased by the level of professionalism and fair prices David Hamilton Designs offers. No project is too big for Dave and his team. If you are a small company or start up with little or no web presence I cannot stress enough ‘Don’t skimp!’ What you get from Dave is worth far more than the price you will pay, and this will likely be your website for years to come, invest in your companies future! I feel safe knowing Dave and his team have my website, social medial, and web advertising under control and I appreciate that they have my businesses best interests at heart.”

~ Cara Hollenbeck, Owner


North Coast Repertory Theatre


"Two years ago, David Hamilton oversaw the complete overhaul of the NCRT website to a Wordpress core that would also allow in-house online sales for the first time in the company's history. He gave a great deal of personal attention to the project and it came off wonderfully. He also still handles designing all of our promotional materials, and we have patrons routinely tell us how impressed with how professional they look. DHD has been a vital part of NCRT's success over the last two years and I cannot recommend highly enough."

~ Calder Johnson, Managing Artistic Director