Casino Marketing Image Versus Reality

The Danger Of Mistaking Your Audience For Your Product

David Hamilton Branding, Marketing How-To

A few years back, we had a meeting with the marketing director of a local casino about possibly rebuilding their website. Things were going well, until we asked them a question about their brand. “Our audience is elderly,” he said. “The last marketing director was trying to cater toward a younger crowd, all the people in the ads were around …

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Redefining A Brand: A Case Study

David Hamilton Branding, Case Studies

The Issue: When I officially came on board as publicist at North Coast Repertory Theatre in 2016, the theatre had already been established for over thirty years in downtown Eureka, but had done little to hone their image into a consistent recognizable brand. Each show was basically being promoted largely by that show’s individual director and the theatre didn’t have …