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The View Crest Lodge Project

This site is one of the best examples of the difference that quality photography can make in marketing. The old View Crest site had very few photos, most of them small and none of them professionally done. Our first step after meeting with Brady and Jennifer was to set them up with a list of recommended photographers and have them schedule a photo shoot.

Brady and Jennifer liked a number of websites, but the common theme seemed to be striking photographs against a white backdrop with understated text and navigation. Once we knew what they liked, it was easy to flesh it out with some smooth jquery transitions and simple JavaScript behaviors to make the site more interactive and responsive.

In 2014, View Crest decided to take the next step and make the site mobile responsive.  We used media query and cascading style sheets to make the site responsive for smaller screens and replaced the existing navigation with a mobile responsive nav bar.

Dave’s favorite part of this project was the logo.  The logo was not included in the initial quote, but when it became clear that View Crest didn’t have an official logo, Dave sketched the new logo in a notepad by his desk.  The owners loved it and requested the vector files to eventually replace the lodge’s fading sign.

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In Their Own Words

“We recently decided to completely overhaul our business website. After researching firms and individuals in our area, we quickly found that David was very reasonably priced with a great portfolio of work. We met with him and were easily reassured that we had made an excellent choice.

“David was incredibly easy to work with, very knowledgeable, professional and quick with suggestions and ideas. He told us exactly what he needed from us and what we could expect. It was such an easy, stress-free process. There were no hold-ups, delays, problems…everything went seamlessly.

“The end result is a website we are incredibly proud of. David took our ideas and brought them to life exactly as we had hoped. He also continues to be incredibly easy to communicate with, which is of utmost importance. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Brady & Jennifer Burtchett

Andrew Sible Photography
Andrew Sible Photography

Andrew Sible Photography

The View Crest Lodge site is driven by strong imagery. In order for the site to be successful, we needed a photographer who could perfectly capture the personality of the several private cabins, the campground, and the surrounding property. For this task we turned to Andrew Sible Photography, one of our favorite local photographers.  Andrew’s iconic shoot gave us all of the stunning banner photos of the hotel and grounds, as well as the excellent interior shots found on the room pages.