North Coast Repertory Theatre – Eureka, CA

The North Coast Repertory Theatre Project

One of NCRT’s primary problems was that although many people had heard the acronym over the years, they didn’t immediately connect it to a theatre or to the little building on Fifth Street.

One of our more important steps with NCRT was refreshing the logo to more accurate represent the organization. We added a spotlight, a third color (which could be changed to match the theme of the show) rounded the edges a bit, and replaced the zip code with the website URL.

Other marketing steps included building them posters, business cards, a new website and Facebook page with matching graphics, and occasional matching billboards to set on top of their marquee. For more information about some of the marketing techniques that we employed, visit our blog entry about marketing for The Tempest.

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In Their Own Words

“I am very pleased with the North Coast Repertory Theatre website which is created and maintained by David Hamilton.  People tell me the site looks great.  I find it easy for people to use.  Working with David is a pleasure–he listens to me and always responds to my needs in a timely fashion.  He is very good at keeping the site updated and seems to have an endless supply of ideas for how to make the site look good.  He is also a very creative person.  He often designs posters for the Theatre and they are absolutely top quality.  I have known David Hamilton for over ten years.  He does good work and I trust him.”

Michael Thomas

The Haunted Mill Tour Project

The Haunted Mill Tour is an excellent example of what happens when you combine an enthusiastic volunteer base, a good idea, and a very solid publicity campaign. What started out as primarily a fundraiser for NCRT and the Blue Ox Millworks, has now expanded to be its own entity with a gross income of around $40,000 over a three week period.  Much of this is due to the astoundingly iconic photography of Evan Wisheropp. For more information about this, check out our article Why You Should Spring For A Good Photographer