Humboldt Fire – Eureka, CA

The Humboldt Fire Project

From its earliest stages, it was very clear that this project was going to be primarily about accurately combining and rendering the ideas of a very passionate individual. Brandi brought a lot of inspiration and ideas to the table and she really did her homework. She made lists of all of her major competitors, marked down what she liked and didn’t like about their sites, and gathered a lot of material from the pinup era to give her site an accurate look and feel.

One of the biggest challenges for this site was keeping the focus on sales, while still providing insight into what makes her company special. We accomplished this by having the left sidebar focus on “personality” while keeping the top menu and the bottom marquee focused on driving traffic to her products.

In Their Own Words

“I’m ecstatic about the work David & his team did for Humboldt Fire!  He cared about my business from day one.  He cared about the message & image of my company and went to great lengths to insure those were represented on the website. 

“David is lacking no part of the package you’d expect (but rarely get) from a web designer; exceptional graphic design ability, superior knowledge of website functionality, timely response to questions and inquiries & the highly appreciated skill of speaking his computer jargon in layman’s terms.  Best of all: His prices do not reflect his talent; I feel blessed he doesn’t charge the high rates he is worthy of! I’m certain you cannot beat David Hamiliton Design in Northern California & I’d be impressed to find someone better in all of the west!  His service is above & beyond.”

Brandi Winch

The Pin Up Girl Art Project

The centerpiece of Humboldt Fire’s branding is an association with the glamour and sex appeal of the golden age of pin-ups.  To capture that on the website, Brandi staged a series of photos of her Humboldt Fire Girls in classic pin-up poses. From there, we were able to use a series of layered effects, filters, and some simple brush strokes to simulate the vintage art style of the pin-up age, and created a series of backdrops to match.