Dragonfly Diva – Custom Artisan Jewelry

The Dragonfly Diva Project

Like any good advertiser, Dragonfly Diva sells more than just their product. They’re selling a culture rooted in female empowerment as seen through the lens of the majestic landscape of Hawaii.

From the beginning, this project was very much about properly broadcasting a personality. Cara’s jewelry is custom-made and unique, and that needed to be reflected in the design. We also needed a lot of wide open panoramas and gorgeous photographs. These were supplied by professional photographer Karen Loudon.

In 2013 Cara decided to change from her original artisan website to a WordPress store powered by WooCommerce. While the need to keep costs low limited the amount of personalizing that could be done with the new design, the new format did include a fully mobile responsive responsive site which Cara can edit on her own.

Visit her site at www.dragonflydivajewelry.com.

In Their Own Words

“I wouldn’t have worked with anyone except Dave on my website. I had vague images in my head and lots of specific opinions. He took it all and worked it up into a masterpiece. His natural intuition and creative eye are extremely beneficial to the process. He is exceedingly patient, and will not stop until he has a design you love.

“The continued support from Dave and his team are one of the biggest selling points for me. His vast understanding of all things ‘web’ has saved me numerous times as he guides me fairly blindly through running a web-based store, social media, advertising etc.

“Dave and his team offer not only top of the line web design, search engine optimization, and social media management, but also continued support and all of your web advertising needs. Add to this the best customer service you can imagine and well you start to get the idea.

“If you are a large company you will be pleased by the level of professionalism and fair prices David Hamilton Designs offers. No project is too big for Dave and his team. If you are a small company or start up with little or no web presence I cannot stress enough ‘Don’t skimp!’ What you get from Dave is worth far more than the price you will pay, and this will likely be your website for years to come, invest in your companies future! I feel safe knowing Dave and his team have my website, social medial, and web advertising under control and I appreciate that they have my businesses best interests at heart.”

Cara Hollenbeck