Cook and Associates Private Investigations – McKinleyville, CA

The Cook and Associates Project

The initial design job for Cook and Associates was very simple. They had one of those cheap build-it-yourself-online sites and they had a beautiful brochure that had been professionally designed. Basically they needed to blend the content from their site and the brochure and make the branding match their printed media.

This site was built on a shoestring budget around 2009 yet it’s still a striking design that keeps them at the forefront of Humboldt County’s Private investigation industry.

In Their Own Words

“Over the past several years that I have had the website I cannot count the times clients have told me that the reason they called me was because they liked my website. Clients have told me that the website let them know that we were approachable and professional at the same time. What I appreciate the most about Hamilton Design is that I always cam deal directly with David himself. In my line of work if I need something added to my site in regards to a specific case I need it now rather than later and David gets the job done in a timely manner.

“David also knows a lot about search optimization. I want to be one of the first sites in my area when someone is looking for an investigator.
“If I had to use three words to describe David Hamilton Design they would be creative, efficient and reliable.”

Chris Cook

Wanted: Missing Posters

Since the completion of the website, our primary job for Cook and Associates has been as their go-to designer for missing and wanted posters. Often these are on a severe time crunch and need to be turned out within hours or on a weekend. The biggest challenge is usually the quality of the photos. Most tend to be low resolution smartphone photos or scanned snapshots which have to be edited pretty heavily before they’re ready to print.

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