City AmbulanceĀ – Eureka, CA

The City Ambulance Project

This project was about value. How much could we improve the look, function, and readability of an existing website without a large budget to throw at it?

We had a limited number of photos to work with, but featured the nicest ones in the header of the layout. There was one very complete photo of an ambulance which we were able to cut out for the “popping out of the website” effect. We also did some new copy writing for each of the pages so that the site would have a coheasive feel for the reader.

The final bill for the job was around $450, well within the company’s allocated budget.

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In Their Own Words

“We initially designed our website using a ‘do it yourself’ software program. After working with David, we quickly learned how much of a difference a professional presentation can make. David is easy to work with, has a fantastic artistic eye, and is reasonably priced. I recommend him regularly to other businesses.”

Jaison Chand