Blue Ox Millworks – Eureka, CA

The Blue Ox Millworks Project

The dilemna facing Blue Ox Millworks was two-fold. They desperately needed to be able to reach potential millwork clients through the search engines, but they also needed to be able to accurately represent all of the other aspects of their operation. They are more than just a Victorian mill. They also operate an alternative high school for troubled teens, and a living history park that is open for tours.

The first step was raising their search engine rankings. Over the course of a year, we added pages to their existing site, being sure to include valuable information that other sites would want to link to. They went from getting about 17 visitors per month, to getting 10,000 in a good month. Then we rebuilt the entire site with a more attractive layout, full page photos and an easy to operate navigational structure with a focus on their millwork aspects but easy access to the school and historic park.

Visit them at

In Their Own Words

Many times we hear from our clients that they have spent more than an hour looking over our web site. These are the clients that end up being some of the largest jobs we have ever done! I wanted to let you know what an impact your site has had on our business. We went from thinking that a $5,000 job was a big job, to working with contracts of over $100,000.

“Customers can easily find us, and navigate the site, and the site holds their interest ~ all important elements in connecting with potential clients.

“You are a rare combination of many talents: you are knowledgeable about the technical stuff, but you also have an artistic eye for lay-out and design, AND you are fabulous with the written word! I have always enjoyed the humorous touches you have put on the site!

“Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you for years to come.”

Viviana Hollenbeck

The Pattern Book

Blue Ox is a completely custom Victorian job shop, which means that they don’t keep any products in stock, however they do have a large pattern book that includes sketches of some of their more commonly requested designs. One of the first steps in building their new website was creating a digital format for these patterns. ¬†Working off of photocopied sketches, we created vector drawings of the gingerbread and moldings in their pattern book. For an example of this you can check out their sample turned columns here.