Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce – Blue Lake, CA

The Blue Lake Chamber Project

Often the toughest part about building a website can be determining what your organization is really selling.  In the case of the Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce, they wanted multiple things: (1) they wanted to draw tourists and new businesses to the area (2) they wanted local businesses to join the chamber and (3) they wanted to act as a newspaper for the Blue Lake area.

We narrowed down that what the chamber is actually selling is a feeling of warmth and community, an aspect well represented by their URL, Once this was established, logo, photos, and the home page sun cam neatly fell into place as important matching elements.

In Their Own Words

“David, it was a no-brainer choosing your firm after we compared your own website to other web design sites – yours was what we wanted! Silk smooth interface, aesthetically appealing, with the bright and clear feel we wanted. Once hired, you immediately surprised us by asking a series of questions that made us define every aspect of our organization and decide exactly what we hoped viewers would get from us. The next welcomed surprise was when you showed up with brilliant, energetic and accurate copy we’d expected to hire a professional writer for! All this and a nice guy too?

“Our new site is up and we get compliment after compliment. It’s all we wanted and more. You’ve taught and encouraged us to independently manage and moderate the site by ourselves, and you’re still 100% available when we need you.

“Thanks, David. We can’t recommend you enough!”

Diana Lynn

The Blue Lake Logo Project

One of the more fun aspects of the chamber job was getting the opportunity to craft a logo. We knew that the logo needed to encapsulate our message — sun, fun, and community.  To that end, we knew that the sun and river both needed to be included.  We went through at least ten versions of different background colors and spacing before settling on this bright cheery version.

Visit the Blue Lake Chamber at