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Take Your Message To The Streets

With Mobile Responsive Website Design

Over fifty percent of web traffic comes over mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you aren’t putting your best foot forward. Starting in Spring of 2015, search engines like Google are beginning to punish non-mobile friendly sites on all mobile device searches. Don’t miss out on that traffic. Visit our Web Design Page to learn how mobile responsive design can help you make the right first impression every time.

A Web Designer Who Cares

Your website is more than just your calling card. It’s how people find you. It’s how they define your organization. If your website is sloppy and poorly conceived, it reflects poorly on yourself and your products. Here behind the redwood curtain, it can be tough to find a quality web designer. Why settle for just a website when you can make a statement? At DHD in McKinleyville, California, we pride ourselves at working within your budget limitations to make a website that accurately reflects the personality of your organization. We listen to you, and aren’t satisfied until you are thrilled with your site. Check out our client testimonials to get an example of what you can expect from David Hamilton Design.