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Building a Killer Poster For Your Event

In Marketing by David Hamilton

Want to build enthusiasm for your play or festival? The marketplace is saturated with bad posters. If you want to get your message out there, you need a poster that is a cut above the rest.  Follow these simple guidelines to distinguish yourself from the pack. Step 1: Determine Your Marketing Strategy. This is a vital first step that oddly enough …

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The 2nd Annual Haunted Mill Tour Is Coming

In Clients, Community Sponsorship by David Hamilton

Once again,  David Hamilton Design is proud to be a sponsor of the Blue Ox Haunted Mill Tour.  Last year’s event was fabulous, with crowds of around 2,500 people over the course of the four day event.  This year we’re adding three more days, extended hours, and online sales.  As usual the fantastic photographs are courtesy of Evan Wish Photography …

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The Tempest – A Marketing Case Study

In Design Ramblings, Marketing by David Hamilton

Every year or two, the theatre bug gets into me and I get roped into directing a Shakespeare production at North Coast Repertory Theatre.  Of course, my pet peeve in local theatre productions is that companies don’t know how to properly promote and market their shows, so with The Tempest, I set out to build an effective marketing campaign from …

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What Web Designers Can Learn From Theatre

In Web Design Tips by David Hamilton

Behind the redwood curtain, we are blessed with a thriving artistic community. It seems like every time that you tip over a trash can in Humboldt County, a mime pops out and stuffs imaginary garbage in your pocket.  Not that my web business is complaining.  Artists – though notorious for surviving off grant money and pocket lint – are always eager to tell their …