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Why You Should Spring for a Good Photographer: Part I

In Clients, Design Ramblings, Marketing by David Hamilton

The Blue Ox Haunted Mill Tour this October was a complete success, bringing in over $10,000 for charity and turning away more than one thousand customers.  Hundreds of posters were hung up around the county, there was advertising on television and radio and the event’s Facebook page gained 500 followers in the course of two weeks, yet as I stood …

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The Tempest – A Marketing Case Study

In Design Ramblings, Marketing by David Hamilton

Every year or two, the theatre bug gets into me and I get roped into directing a Shakespeare production at North Coast Repertory Theatre.  Of course, my pet peeve in local theatre productions is that companies don’t know how to properly promote and market their shows, so with The Tempest, I set out to build an effective marketing campaign from …