You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

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Marketing for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown presented a fascinating problem.  Due to copyright restrictions, we weren’t allowed to use any of the Peanuts characters directly in marketing the show.  After looking into the precise restrictions, we determined that although characters were not allowed, settings from the strip appeared to be fair game, so I set out to construct Snoopy’s iconic doghouse and typewriter.

All of the art for this poster was build in the vector program Corel Draw. I tried to approximate the proper thickness of brush stroke to match the cartoon style and then use that in both the artwork and in the author names. For the font I was lucky enough to find Peanuts, a commercial-friendly free font by John K Barrow.

Finally I added black outlines around sponsors and logos to stick with the cartoon style and added a subtle blue gradient to the sky to help with the transition from small cartoon setting to large poster.