Velocity of Autumn Poster

Velocity of Autumn Poster

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Often, building a poster is just about the hunt for that one perfect image.

My first poster for Redwood Curtain fell into that category. The Velocity of Autumn is a bittersweet comedy about aging, dementia, and losing the parts of ourselves that we once clung to the hardest.  The play’s symbolism included a tree outside of the apartment window.

Armed with that information I began a search through stock image databases, pairing unusual search terms like “aging and trees” or “memory loss fall leaves.”  The image that I finally found was perfect, an autumn tree in the shape of a face, the leaves of the mind fluttering away.

For the title font and author I went with the wistful Segoe Script, and finished the poster off with the show information in dark blue against an obscured cloudy sky.

I was very pleased to hear that the playwright requested a copy of the poster to display.