Haunted Mill Tour 2014 Poster

Haunted Mill Tour 2014

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The poster for the second annual Haunted Mill Tour had some enormous shoes to fill.  Year one  of the Haunted Mill Tour was massively sold out and had to turn away over two thousand people – and year one’s poster shot was absolutely iconic.

In an effort to replicate the magic, we brought back genius photographer Evan Wisheropp for an afternoon photoshoot out at the Blue Ox.  Several photos from that shoot were good enough for mill tour publicity, but only one shot was actually poster worthy.  This photo took over an hour to capture, with a technician flinging sawdust out of a window in the background to create the unique lighting effect.

The texture to the right of the poster photo was a particularly interesting blend.  It involved darkening a photo of redwood bark, then overlaying a photo of burlap to create a texture that is both organic and creepily unrecognizable. Primary fonts used in the poster are 28DaysLater for its gritty grunge texture and Capitalis for those stately gothic touches.

A second photoshoot closer to the event yielded a second very poster-worthy photo that was used in the later printings.

Haunted Mill Tour 2014