Death by Design Poster

Death By Design Poster

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The Death By Design project is an excellent example of riding on the coattails of successful marketing.  When this play was produced, there had been a long running series of murder mystery dinners in Humboldt County.  The dinners had a reputation for being fun, so rather than pushing the comedy aspects of this production we latched onto the over the top noir marketing style that already had connotations of fun and entertainment for local audiences.

The danger of marketing the noir genre is that it is really easy to fall into the category of campy. To avoid this, we played the seriousness of the genre to the hilt, using a dark color scheme of red, black, gray and white, heavy texture , hard lighting effects and bold lines.

The primary fonts in the poster were Birch and Impact, both chosen for their vertically stretched block letters, reminiscent of 1930s newspaper headlines.