Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged - Poster

Complete Works Poster

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Marketing the Complete Works of William Shakespeare presented its own set of challenges.  Unlike any other Shakespeare production staged by NCRT, the show was a madcap vaudevillian romp through thirty two plays.  All roles were played by three actors.  In order to capture the silly grandeur of this epic feat, I decided to draw a parallel with one of the most epic stories of modern entertainment.

To do this I commissioned local artist and illustrator Callie Hacker to design an original piece of poster art as a spoof of one of the most iconic Star Wars posters.  The three actors assumed a variety of poses and facial expressions, photos were snapped, and the snapshots were sent to Callie for use in her art.

The finished product was delightfully silly and perfectly captured what we wanted – an epic adventure of ridiculous and unnecessary proportions, complete with paper tie fighters and a vomit gun.

To finish the product, I used one of the best commercially available Star Wars style fonts (Star Jedi) and created our spoof logo.  The Empire Strikes Back logo was a better fit for the length of our title so I used its format as a base.