Anything Goes Poster

Anything Goes Poster

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This was one of my favorite poster design projects, and I wrote a blog about it entitled “Making an Original Art Deco Poster.” All of the artwork used in this poster were original vector drawings that I built and modified off of period art and photography.

Since I already wrote in my blog about how these graphics were created, I’ll focus here on other elements of the poster. With this project my goal was to capture the colors and overall texture of the art deco posters of the 1920s and 30s. For the title font I used the classic Deco font Raconteur, warping the early letters to create an arch that pulls in symbolism from early Vaudeville showmanship.

Because NCRT’s poster information didn’t fit exceptionally well with the Deco theme, I used a textured gray box to contain the show details.  In an effort to mesh well with the artwork, I included key pieces of information in a steamer trunk style font, and the reservation information in the popular Pin-up font Creampuff.

To round it all out, I rearranged the Art Deco elements into a second panoramic piece of artwork that was suitable for Facebook cover photos or website banners.

Anything Goes Cover Photo