Agatha Christie's The Hollow

Agatha Christie’s The Hollow

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For this project I was once again united with one of my favorite photographers, Evan Wisheropp. Like many photographers (or graphic designers for that matter) Evan loves a good opportunity to play within a specific genre or art style. In this case the client requested a shadowy film noir feel and provided three sample photographs.

In crafting the shot, I wanted to encapsulate the key conflicts of the piece but in a subtle manner. The photo that we used for the poster is actually an amalgamation of two different photos and required that I rebuild one finger completely from scratch (can you guess which one?)

I added in a rich textured wallpaper for the background, some looming shadows and finished it off with a blood droplet spreading in the martini.  Fun trick: hold your hand over one half of the man’s face, then switch over to the other half. I love how one photo and a little careful lighting managed to bring out both sides of a very complex character.