Logo Design and Branding Projects

Looking to create a brand identity or to freshen up your current image? David Hamilton Design provides branding, rebranding, and logo design services:

Should You Rebrand?

We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of changing your current brand identity. Why was rebranding a disaster for Coca Cola but a stroke of genius for Federal Express?  Is your current logo design working for you in your target markets?  Should you rebrand your logo or just refresh it? Marketing can be a tough world to navigate. We’ll help you find the answers that fit your business.

Step 1: Branding Consultation.

Meet with us in person, over the phone, or via email to discuss the best ways to represent your business. We’ll talk about your target market, ways that you plan to use your logo, the emotions that you want to convey, and symbols that represent your business, as well as any personal preferences that you may have.

Step 2: Concept Sketches

We’ll make a series of concept sketches and send the best 3-5 sketches to you. Each sketch will include a proposed color scheme, possible fonts, and ways that the logo could be varied for different media. You give your input on the logos and choose 1-2 designs that you would like to see move forward into a digital format.

Step 3: Finalized Logo

Your favorite design will get built in a vector graphics program. After you have provided input and any changes are completed, you will receive your design in multiple file formats. Multiple color schemes are available upon request.